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Toni Senecal


If you are looking for hip shops and delicious spots – Kingston is your place!  The arts district, uptown boutiques and the Rondout water front combine with renovation and revitalization throughout.  Ex-Brooklynites are making it far hipper than Williamsburg!

Kingston - Colonial History to Thriving Arts


Founded in 1652, Kingston maintains that historic old world colonial charm while welcoming the new influences of a vibrant art scene. Kingston is made up of the distinct neighborhoods the Uptown Stockade, the Midtown, and the Downtown Waterfront. The city’s population is approximately 23,887.

What to Do

The three distinct areas of Kingston offer robust options to suit all tastes.  Strolling through uptown Kingston reveals eclectic salons, trendy eateries and pubs, specialty boutiques, historic sites and great vibe coffee shops.  On Saturdays, enjoy the Farmers Market.  There is an overall undertone of creative arts throughout Kingston, but in midtown the arts, performance and music scene bursts with life.  The Ulster Performing Arts Center underwent $5.4M in renovations in 2017.  The first Saturday each month hosts gallery exhibits in local businesses throughout the area.  The riverfront in Kingston, known as Rondout, offers opportunity to dock your boat and take a stroll for lunch.  The Maritime and Trolley museums are both located in the Rondout area with trolley rides, specialty boutiques, spa, fine and casual dining options.  Festivals abound throughout Kingston.  Hutton Brickyards hosts special events and arts and crafts fairs throughout the year.  The Wyltwyck Golf Club offers a round within beauty with a fully renovated pub/restaurant.  Kingston Point Park and Beach offer an oasis from the urban city bustle.  The Kingston Point Rail Trail offers a full day of beauty on beautifully maintained trails.